Uzin WK222

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Solvent free contact adhesive

Water based neoprene adhesives for all types of constructional contact bonding

  • permits economic contact bonding even with unwieldy floor coverings, solvent-free and without restrictions by work safety measures
  • takes the demands on a healthy indoor climate into account


  • soft skirting boards, stair profiles, hollow skirting and others
  • all textile floor coverings, including needle felt and woven carpet, on stair in block format or with protruding edge
  • PVC/cushioned vinyl floor coverings, linoleum, India rubber and insulating underlays for stairs and riser
  • textile impact absorbing wall coverings or composite floor covering on walls and ceilings
  • repair bonding work, seam restorations, revision covers and others
  • on all substrates customary in construction


  • superb rolling and brushing properties
  • small application amounts
  • can be applied also one day in advance
  • long contact bonding time
  • interior
  • solvent free
  • very low emission

Unit Weight Available : 6Kg

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