Forbo Linoleum Walton Uni

Forbo Linoleum Walton Uni: WALTON UNI BLACK 123
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The secret spirit of the Marmoleum Solid collection lies in colour nuances and subtleness. With reference to classic, heritage colours, a conceptual range of (almost) uni colours has been created.

The Solid collection offers a wide range of neutral and outspoken choices for complementing the modern environments of today.

Walton Uni consists of 4 solid tones that create a simple and urban appearance. Beautiful on its own – Walton Uni is also perfect as a base for creating striking combinations with other interior finishes.


Forbo Flooring


Linoleum Walton Uni

Type of Flooring

Lino Flooring & Tiles

Actual Thickness



Airports, Corridors, Designer, High Traffic, Hospitals, Hotels, Offices, Play Areas, Restaurants, Schools, Shops, Supermarkets

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