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2-Component Epoxy Penetrating Primer - 2 x 3 KG

Water-based EP primer concentrate to reinforce brittle screeds and component in calcium sulphate DPM system

• For the reinforcement of mineral-based screeds with inadequate strength
• For cementitious, calcium-sulphate or stone-wood screeds as well as absorbent concrete floors
• Reinforcement of dilapidated screeds in renovation work and for new screed shedding sand


  • reinforcement of unstable or porous old cementitious screeds
  • reinforcement of cementitious screeds shedding sand
  • reinforcement of screeds with insufficient strength impregnation of screeds
  • subsequent levelling work in connection with UZIN PE 280 for the construction of ready for covering substrates
  • direct bonding of wood flooring with UZIN reactive resin adhesives
  • normal wear in residential and commercial areas
  • wear from chair castors according to DIN EN 12 529


  • Deeply penetrating epoxy resin
  • Excellent reinforcing effect
  • Can be smoothed over in connection with UZIN PE 280
  • Direct bonding with UZIN reactive resin adhesives
  • Application diluted with water
  • Solvent free

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