Traditional Carpets, Carpet Tiles and Matting

From plain and hardwearing carpet tiles to luxurious, deep and richly patterned carpets we can supply and fit every type of carpet you need and want. We can also supply you with matting for those particularly hard working areas around entrances, exits and in between sections of your building. You can have these in plain or with your logo imprinted.

Vinyl Coverings

Vinyl coverings are an ideal solution when it comes to your kitchen, hallways, canteen, changing room or bathroom floors. Warmer than tiles, vinyl coverings are easy to clean and to keep look beautiful year after year.  

Our premium range of vinyl coverings are available in a wide variety of patterns and finishes including stone, wood and tile.

Safety Floorings

We can also provide you with slip resistant flooring for bathrooms, wet rooms, changing rooms, showers and kitchens.

You can also order industrial safety flooring for your warehouse or stock room to prevent slips and resist spills and we have a range of interlocking tile floorings which are ideal for store floorings as well as stock rooms.

Rubber Flooring

Rubber is versatile, hard-wearing, built to last and 100% natural and 100% biodegradable.

Rubber flooring is perfect for kitchens, canteens, bathrooms and also for shop floors, warehouses and hallways in staff only areas.

Solid Wood and Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo flooring is beautiful, hard-wearing and an incredibly environmentally friendly choice as the bamboo plants grows so rapidly. All our solid wood floors come from FSC certified sources, so you can rest assured that your beautiful wooden floor is also helping the environment. Solid Wood and Bamboo floors work perfectly in any situation but particularly in board rooms, as boutique shop floors or in conference rooms.


Naturally antiseptic, naturally warm, easy to clean and available in a stunning range of patterns and colours - linoleum is making a comeback. It is hardwearing, easy to clean and warm to touch. Linoleum is the ideal flooring for shop floors or for canteen use.