F Ball F77 Stopgap

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For use as a: Damp Proof Membrane
Size: 14kg, 7kg

F Ball StopGap F77

F77 is a solvent free two part epoxy resin system which cures to provide a waterproof surface membrane. It impedes the passage of residual construction moisture and rising damp from affecting subsequent floorcovering installations, therefore allowing early installation of flooring in fast track building programmes.
It is coloured black to allow the user to visually control coverage uniformity. It can be used to isolate residual construction moisture where relative humidity values are up to 98%.
F77 is suitable to be applied directly over underfloor heating screeds using a coverage of 1.8m2/kg where readings are up to 90% RH.

Can be used for
Protecting floorcoverings against rising damp
Must be applied over a absorbent, sound, smooth, clean, surface dry and dust free subfloor. Bases must be fully cured and laitance and surface hardeners, curing membranes and waterproofers must be removed.
f77 coverage
Technical Information
f77 spec

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