F Ball P131 Primer

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Size: 5ltr

F Ball StopGap P131 Primer 5 litre

P131 is an acrylic primer designed to promote the adhension of StopGap smoothing underlayments, to smooth non-absorbent surfaces. It can also be used as a general purpose primer for absorbent surfaces to promote adhension and to prevent unacceptably rapid drying of adhesives and smoothing underlayments.
It is non-flammable and suitable for use over normal underfloor heating installations.
The primer is green in colour to allow the user visual control of coverage uniformity. Use diluted with water for internal absorbent surfaces and undiluted for non-absorbent surface. Shake well before use.

This primer is designed to be applied over completely clean, dry and dust free screeded floors that are above 5ºc. Underfloor heating must be turned off 48 hours before, during and after application.

5 Litres neat has a coverage of approximately 50m2
5 Litres diluted 4:1 has a coverage of approximately 100m2
5 Litres diluted 7:1 has a coverage of approximately 175m2
Coverage depends on the condition and absorbency of the subfloor.

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