F Ball Stopgap Accelerator

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F Ball StopGap Accelerator

StopGap Accelerator is an additive that considerably reduces the curing times of StopGap F75 & F76 waterproof surface membranes to approximately 3 hours at a floor temperature of 10ºc. It allows early installation of floorcoverings in fast-track building programmes.

F Ball StopGap Accelerator

The whole contents of the tin would need to be mixed with both parts of F75/F76 with a low speed electric drill. It is important that once mixed, the membrane is applied immediately to the floor.
DO NOT mix with F76 HP or F77 and only use one tin of accelerator per 5kg mixture.

Can be used for
After being mixed with F75 or F76, the mixure is used for protecting floorcoverings against rising damp
Must be applied over a absorbent, sound, smooth, clean, surface dry and dust free subfloor. Bases must contain a structual damp proof membrane, be fully cured and laitance and surface hardeners, curing membranes and waterproofers must be removed.
Technical Information
accelerator spec
Shelf Life: 18 months in unopened containers stored under good conditions.

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