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Altrofix 19 Plus: 1.5kg
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6-7m2 per 1.5kg

12-14m2 per 3kg

24-28m2 per 6kg

AltroFix 19 Plus is a solvent and water-free, two-part polyurethane adhesive that is not affected, once it has cured, by spillages of water and most other liquids. AltroFix 19 Plus is supplied in 1.5 kg, 3 kg, and 6kg units in the correct quantities for mixing. Both A and B parts are held within the container. AltroFix 19 Plus can be used with all Altro safety flooring (in areas subject to spillages). AltroFix 19 Plus is also recommended for use with Altro materials which can be bonded to AltroEverlay underlayment. Not suitable for use on vertical surfaces.

Unit Size Available: 1.5Kg, 3kg, 6kg

Coverage Average :

1.5kg Unit: 6 - 7m²

3kg Unit: 12-14m2

6kg Unit: 24-28m2

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