Tremco Adhesive MT460

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Rapid Gripper Adhesive


MT460 is a powerful construction adhesive with very
high initial grab and cures rapidly to form a high strength
permanent bond.
Applications include: fixing aluminium and PVCu nosings and
extrusions to concrete and wooden stairs; carpet grippers
to most sub floors without using tacks or nails; most types
of wall cladding, direct wall studding, internal wall surfaces
or timber battens; direct fixing of battens, architrave, etc. to
walls without other fixings; and fixing floor boarding and
skirting boards.
MT460 has excellent adhesion to brick, concrete, blockwork,
wood, plywood, chipboard, hardboard, plasterboard,
insulation materials (except polystyrene), laminated plastics
metals and ceramics.

Unit volume Available : 1 unit

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