Altro Orchestra Flute CH2833U

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For areas where comfort and sound reduction are important, 2.85mm Altro Orchestra has been engineered to create the ideal environment to learn, live and work. Low residual indentation facilitates the flexible use of equipment and furniture, including hospital beds. At the same time, the integrated impact sound insulation system cuts impact sound by 15dB. It offers comfort underfoot making life easier on the feet of students and patients but particularly hard-working staff who spend countless hours on the move.

Designed in line with the Bauhaus ethos that style is as important as function, Altro Orchestra is available in multiple natural shades and five designs. This ensures a choice of simple, warm, soft-look options, but also more complex designs that can match, or complement, a variety of colours, fixtures, fittings and walls.


Technical summary

Type of product: Roll
Slip risk: Low
Thickness: 2.85mm
Life expectancy: 15 years
No. of colours: 59
Weight: 2.66kg/m²
Sound insulation: 15 dB

Technical details

LRV: 22
Weld rod: WR454
AltroMastic 100: A1M86

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