Bostik Screedmaster Hytec A370 Rapid

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Bostik HYTEC A370 RAPID is a ready for use, one part, water-based damp proof membrane. It has been developed to suppress residual construction moisture in textured and absorbent cementitious subfloors, concrete and sand/cement screeds. It is not recommended for dense compacted or profiled floors or subfloors without an intact base DPM. Bostik HYTEC A370 RAPID can also be used on heated sand/cement screeds with a confirmed moisture level not exceeding 90% RH when tested in accordance with BS 8203. Underfloor heating must have been fully commissioned and any cracks, damages etc., in the subfloor fully repaired. Two coats must be applied to protect up to a maximum hygrometer reading of 95% RH.

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