Altro Whiterock Eu Grade PVCU Sheet W103

Altro Whiterock White: 2500 x 1220 sheet - 857/001/019
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Altro Whiterock Eu Grade PVCU Sheet is available in two sizes 2500x1220mm (ref: W103) and 3000x1220mm (ref: W104) and weighs in at 3.5kg per squared metre making it lightweight and easy to handle. The PVCU sheet is waterproof and durable making it long lasting and easy to clean. Use Altrofix Two Part Adhesive to affix PVCU sheet to surfaces, or use Altro Whiterock Fixing Kit for all bonding needs.

  • Two sizes
  • 2500x1220mm
  • 3000x1220mm
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable

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