Mapei Mapeproof One Coat DPM

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1 coat dpm

Two-component, single coat application, damp proof membrane for controlling residual and constructional moisture in cementitious substrates.

Mapeproof One Coat is used on cementitious floors with residual or constructional moisture levels of above 75% RH and below 97% relative humidity prior to the installation of resilient floor coverings. The product can be applied over mechanically prepared power floated concrete sub floors or over sand/cement screeds that are laid over an effective moisture barrier.

The product is easy to use and dries within 6 hours in the following temperatures:
+10°c 5-6 hours
+23°c 3-4 hours
+30°c 2-3 hours

16m² per 7kg unit

Packaging:7kg units

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