Polysafe Verona PUR Original Soft Peach 5216

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Polysafe Verona PUR is a carborundum-free safety vinyl range combining the assurance of sustainable slip resistance with high durability for years of performance. Available in 18 colours, Verona offers a blend of subtle pastel shades mixed with stronger accent hues to create an impact in showcase areas.

Featuring a tonal and complementary secondary chip decoration, the range incorporates safety aggregates in the vinyl which are virtually invisible to eye once laid on the floor. This creates a safe yet attractive interior in commercial or residential settings where there are risks of contamination or spillage

Polysafe Verona features the exclusive Polysafe PUR reinforcement for optimum appearance retention & superior cleaning benefits.

Technical summary

    Installation Method: Adhered
    Weld Rod: 5216
    LRV: 47
    NCS: S 1515-Y60R
    Finish: PUR

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