Tarkett Flooring Safetred Universal Zodiac Lilac 3820250

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Safetred Universal is our classic safety floor solution for any area that presents a risk of slips or falls. An anti-slip grip provides a high level of protection, while its reinforced surface protects against stains and eases maintenance. Also available in a convenient vinyl tile format for ease of transport and installation.

Safetred Universal is a tough durable safety flooring for use in any heavy duty application where safety underfoot is a priority, including ramps and wheel chair areas.
The selection of 16 fresh shades will complement any interior colour

  • Slip resistant heavy duty floorcoverings with Safety Clean PUR reinforcement, in sheet format.
  • Heterogeneous floorcovering
  • R10 slip resistance
  • Safety Clean PUR reinforced surface for easy maintenance
  • Flexible and easy to install
  • Sustainable slip resistance throughout product life

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