Tarkett Texstar Powell Oak Anthracite 240018021

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Available in a range of natural wood and stone designs, Texstar flooring includes added textile-backing for outstanding acoustic and walking comfort. This cushioning underlayer also makes it ideal for simplifying home renovations, as the backing minimises subfloor preparation, covers slight imperfections and can even be installed over slightly damp subfloors. Its extreme protection makes this floor covering seven times more resistant than ordinary vinyl floors.

Key fauteres

Warm and comfortable to the touch
Easy installation for home renovation
Slip-resistant for kitchens, bathrooms
15-year warranty

Techincal and environmental specifications

Product type: Expanded (cushioned) poly(vinyl chloride) floor covering
Domestic classification: 23 Heavy
Commercial classification: 32 General
Industrial classification: 41 Moderate
Binder content: Type I

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