Paperfelt 2m wide

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Size: 50lm x 2m

M2 Per Roll: 100m2

Paperfelt (sometimes called padfelt) underlining paper is for use when fitting new carpets over floorboards or concrete floors.
Paper felt has many benefits:

1. Paper lining will prevent dust penetrating and damaging new carpets especially in older style houses.

2. Using paper felt with carpet underlay will also stop your new underlay sticking to the sub floor making it easier to uplift if required.

3. Fitting a paper lining up to and underneath gappy skirting boards will help eliminate grey dust penetration on light coloured carpets around the edges of the room.

4. Helps to prevent heat loss through cold and drafty sub floors.

5. Easy to fit, simply lay prior to installing new foam or felt backed carpets or new carpet underlay.

6. Can also be used to temporarily protect new carpets and flooring by laying on top.

7. Pad felt can also be used as template paper or for other flooring , craft and DIY tasks.

Size: 50lm x 2m

M2 Per Roll: 100m2

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